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Cleaning Silver Jewellery

How To Clean Your Silver Jewellery Silver is a beautiful, versatile metal, and its soft luster adds a touch of elegance to jewellery. Here are some steps to help you keep your silver shining.

Clean your silver jewellery often.

Silver jewellery that is frequently used rarely has tarnish problems. When tarnish is not yet present, or when it's just beginning to develop, simply wash your silver jewellery in warm (not hot) water with a gentle, phosphate-free detergent.

Prompt cleaning is especially important when the silver jewellery has been exposed to certain foods containing sulphur, or those which are acidic or salty. In particular, common foods such as table salt, eggs, some fruits, onions, mayonnaise, and vinegar are harmful to silver. Wash your silver jewelry right away or at least rinse it well with warm water, and don't leave silver sitting in dishwater that may contain traces of these foods.

If your silver jewellery has been tarnished through lack of wear, it is possible to purchase silver cleaning clothes and silver dip from most major hardware stores.

* Be careful using the silver jewellery dip on items which contain soft, semi-precious stones and pearls.

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