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OK - So you have seen a ring on the our site that you would love to buy but you don't know what size to order.

Well firstly don't worry.

we want you to be happy with your purchases from us so we will of course swap the ring if it is the wrong size for the right one. Just e-mail us to arrange it. OK good But how do I know what size ring to order? Well that is a good question and the answer is to use our handy DIY Ring Gauge.

Step 1. Get the things you will need.

Step 2. Download the Ring Gage

Step 3. Print out the gauge.

Print out the gauge. Make sure your print settings have the scale at 100% and that "Fit to page" or other scaling settings are off. Its is important we print the gauge at 100%. Then use a proper (real) metric or inch rule to measure the paper rule on your print out.
They should match up exactly. If they don't try printing at a slightly larger or smaller scale and measure again until the measurement is right.

Step 4. Cut out the Gauge.

Cut out the gauge with scissors - cut carefully around the outer black line of the gauge you want to use. Being based in the UK we use UK ring sizes but you may use whichever your prefer. Isn't it great that no Eurocrat has noticed that we all use different sizes to measure rings. As soon as they do we will all end up having to have standard "Euro fingers" and none of us will ever be able to get a pair of gloves that fits properly ever again. Anyway I digress - when you have carefully cut out the gauge then fold the square end as shown and cut a small slit between the arrows as indicated on the paper.
Fold the ring gauge around and feed the point through the slit from underneath. Then the gauge is ready for use.

Step 5. How to measure your ring size.

Choose on which finger you will wear the ring. Slip the gauge over the finger and pull tight. Yes quite tight and snug the paper should be tight against your finger all the way round then read the measurement on the gauge which is closest to the slit. The one you want is the one that is actually half in and half out of the slit. Read the measuement and you are done. Great now go and buy that ring!!! Remember if you have not got the size exactly right we will swap or size your ring free of charge.

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